CLOSED- Phoenix Children's Chorus 2017
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Transforming Lives Through Music since 1984

Thank you for visiting our choir fundraising campaign page.  We are very excited about the opportunities offered to our members and look forward to your support.

The Phoenix Children’s Chorus is a program that serves a culturally diverse co-educational group of more than 400 students from the metropolitan Phoenix/Mesa area. The curriculum is designed to teach young people, from second grade through high school, the fine art of choral singing. Your support will ensure that choristers have opportunities for life changing experiences, including traveling the world and receiving exposure to other cultures.

It is through fund raising efforts that we can maintain and provide affordable tuition, scholarships, tour opportunities, and a program of excellence to children from all socioeconomic levels. The success of this organization depends greatly on the generous support of our benefactors. Any donation is tax deductible as the Phoenix Children’s Chorus is a 501(c)3 organization. Our non-profit tax ID # is 90-0470136.

Please remember to share, tweet, post, text, or email our campaign to others.


Teams and Walkers

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How is your Donation Used?

How can you help?
         -$50 will supply sheet music for a chorister for an entire year
         -$100 will provide a chorister with a performance uniform
         -$150 will sponsor a chorister at summer music camp in August
         -$250 will cover the cost of tuition for a chorister in need.
         -$500 will offset Australia Tour cost for a chorister in need. 



Why Your Donation is Important?

This year, the Phoenix Children’s Chorus (PCC) celebrates 33 years of keeping music in the life of a child. In an age where the arts are ever-vanishing from our children’s lives, the Phoenix Children’s Chorus continues to provide a safe environment where talented youth from all demographic backgrounds can develop their musical gifts. We truly have something special to offer children from the Valley of the Sun.

However many of our choristers would be unable to learn a chord, sing a note, or experience a concert if it were not for the generosity of friends like you. You see, not all choristers come from families who can afford the costs to be in a world-class choir. And for those who attend valley schools without a music program, there is no opportunity for them to learn how to sing.

That’s why we need your help. The Phoenix Children’s chorus annually serves 350 choristers in 2nd through 12th grade in seven choirs yet, 28% of our choristers rely on financial assistance and support.

Help Us Fundraise!

Help Spread the Word

The more people know about our efforts, the more successful we will be.

Recent Donations

1. Steven Walter
Good luck down under!
2. Doug And Kelly Stawarski
Nicole you are such a beautiful young lady. We are so proud of all your accomplishments! Hope you have a wonderful time with Phoenix Children's Chorus this year. Love you
3. Terry Boyer
Your grandfather is a personal friend and hero or mine. I loved the stories he shared about you. Good Luck with this fantastic opportunity.
4. Joshua Oehler
Your grandpa has been tremendously supportive and kind to me over the years. I'm happy to support what looks like a fun endeavor for one of his grandchildren.
5. Steve Crenshaw
6. Brenda Thomson
Good luck Autumn! Brenda Thomson